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TEAM® Essentials

TEAM Essentials teaches participants to identify factors that can escalate to aggression or violence. It gives participants the knowledge and skills to confidently handle disruptive behavior and keep themselves safe.

Although budgets are always under economic pressure, the commitment to keeping staff safe so they can focus on patient care remains strong. e-Learning training supports the effort by:​
-       Offering convenient access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week​
-       Saving money-typically 40% less expensive than instructor-led course​
-       Providing just-in-time training opportunities and “refresher” training opportunities​
-       Reducing organizational effort and time​
-       Maximizing staff productivity by reducing time away from their core job responsibilities​
-       Knowledge management and easing compliance tracking​

To augment their learning, participants can access engaging videos, simulations, real-life healthcare professional experiences, case studies, downloadable job aids, workbooks, instructor-led sessions, and group discussion.​

This course is fully compliant with The Joint Commission, CMS, DNV (NIAHO), OSHA, and NIOSH guidelines.

Participants are presented with a certificate of completion. HSS can also award continuing education credits.​

​ TEAM Advanced

TEAM Advanced teaches participants healthcare-appropriate strategies to protect their patients and themselves during a physical attack. Our instructors build participant competency via hands-on exercises and simulations.

This two-hour, instructor-led course s fully compliant with The Joint Commission, CMS, DNV (NIAHO), OSHA, and NIOSH guidelines, including those requiring annual workplace violence training.

TEAM Advanced focuses on defensive, non-harmful physical countermeasures for the most common types of assaults in healthcare settings. Staff will learn:​

- Safe working positions​

- Non-verbal techniques to safely defuse and control aggressive or violent behavior​

- TEAM Personal Safety Principles to avoid injury if behavior escalates to a physical level​

- Techniques for after-event documentation and debriefing

To best prepare staff for these incidents, we use a mix of engaging videos, simulations, real-life healthcare professional experiences, case studies, downloadable job aids, workbooks, instructor-led sessions, and group discussion.

Participants are presented with a certificate of completion. Upon request, HSS can provide a complete packet with all the information necessary to submit TEAM participation for continuing education units.​

Instructor-led Training

Active Shooter

Instructor-led Training

Instructor-led Training

With years of on-staff hospital experience, our team knows how hospitals and their community partners operate—resulting in realistic, memorable exercises and training that resonate with everyone from frontline staff to senior leadership. Instructor-led versions of TEAM programs are ideal for high-risk areas like emergency departments, behavioral health, ICUs, and security. The classroom environment gives staff opportunities to level-set expectations as well as openly discuss their experiences and ideas. These group interactions build a stronger sense of team and unity.

We specialize in developing customized exercises and often use creative solutions to allow hundreds of staff to participate. For example, we partnered with Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children to design and conduct 14 realistic exercises held in live patient care units and throughout various hospital departments over two days—with zero loss of staff productivity.

“This program will no doubt save lives and prevent injury.”

Charge Nurse RN, 17 years in healthcare

"Historically, violence prevention education has had to take a back seat to clinical training because of the time constraints on ED clinical staff. Mindful of these constraints, HSS adapted TEAM sessions to minimize staff time and maximize staff learning. TEAM provides the valuable, relevant training our staff needs to stay safe and keep their patients safe.”

Emergency Department Director, RN, 20 years in healthcare

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