Safety training so thorough the instructed becomes the instructor.

The TEAM® Certified Trainer Program provides organizations with a cost-effective, flexible, and sustainable approach to continuing staff training with TEAM courses. Instructor certification increases trainer professionalism and competency, which improves quality, consistency, and effectiveness of instruction.

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Train the Trainer

Certified Instructor Course

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

The TEAM® Certified Instructor Course provides all the resources instructors will need, including presentation materials, talking points for each slide, guidance for delivery of the TEAM curriculum, and a complete glossary of terms. The Teaching Guide contains all the exercises, case study examples, video transcripts, and a step-by-step guide for teaching the hands-on, skills-based techniques of the Essentials and Advanced courses.

After the two-day, instructor-led course, participants will have access to:

  • The comprehensive instructor guide and all electronic presentation materials
  • Continuing consultation with other certified TEAM instructors
  • Exclusive online support material and resources to support training
  • Any updates or revisions to the program within the two-year period, at no additional charge

Participants are presented with a Certificate of Completion that is valid for two years. Re-certification requires instructors to teach or co-teach a minimum of 16 hours, or four training sessions, within the two-year period and to complete a competency exam.

This course typically requires a minimum of five participants. If fewer are in attendance, costs may vary slightly.

"Historically, violence prevention education has had to take a back seat to clinical training because of the time constraints on ED clinical staff. Mindful of these constraints, HSS adapted TEAM sessions to minimize staff time and maximize staff learning. TEAM provides the valuable, relevant training our staff needs to stay safe and keep their patients safe.”

Emergency Department

“The night supervisor says she sees a change in the staff’s confidence levels after completing just the Essentials lesson. We are scheduling the Advanced lessons for next month.”

Hospital Safety and Security

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