The high-stakes healthcare environment requires a highly customized program.

Where generic training programs are ineffective in reducing violence in the healthcare setting, HSS succeeds. Our multifaceted approach has been shown to reduce the incidence of violence and lost workdays while improving staff engagement and confidence in their work environment.

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Training for High-Risk Departments

Training for High-Risk Departments

Training for High-Risk Departments


Training for High-Risk Departments

Training for High-Risk Departments

TEAM® Advanced teaches high-risk department staff healthcare-appropriate strategies to protect their patients and themselves during a physical attack. More than teaching participants to identify factors that can escalate to aggression or violence, our instructors build participant competency via hands-on exercises and simulations.

This two-hour, instructor-led course is fully compliant with The Joint Commission, CMS, DNV (NIAHO), OSHA, and NIOSH guidelines, including those requiring annual workplace violence training.

TEAM Advanced focuses on defensive, non-harmful physical countermeasures for the most common types of assaults in healthcare settings. Staff will learn:

  • Safe working positions
  • Nonverbal techniques to safely defuse and control aggressive or violent behavior
  • TEAM Personal Safety Principles to avoid injury if behavior escalates to a physical level
  • Techniques for after-event documentation and debriefing

To best prepare staff for these incidents, we use a mix of engaging videos, simulations, real-life healthcare professional experiences, case studies, downloadable job aids, workbooks, instructor-led sessions, and group discussions.

Participants are presented with a Certificate of Completion. Upon request, HSS can provide a complete packet with all the information necessary to submit TEAM participation for continuing education units.

The ED-Safe® Approach

The ED-Safe® Approach

Departmental Risk Assessment

Our Departmental Risk Assessment program focuses on environmental controls and staff response training for high-risk departments. We educate your staff on best practices and policies to secure healthcare facilities. Our ED-Safe program gives hospitals the tools and skills to better identify and mitigate threats of violence or aggression in the emergency department environment.

Environmental Improvements and Staff Training Classes

ED-Safe is designed specifically to help staff assigned to high-risk departments proactively manage their everyday work environment. In addition, when the program is fully implemented, it creates an everyday early and often warning system tied to managing the safety status of the work environment. There are many variables associated with patients arriving in the ED, and proactively managing one’s environment allows staff to control the given while attending to the unknown.

Active Shooter

Across the country, healthcare leaders and staff are acutely aware of the possibility of an active shooter situation. Although patient-generated violence remains the leading problem for healthcare organizations, the Active Shooter Program provides training on how to respond when presented with an active shooter event.

This seminar-based training increases awareness among all staff and prescribes actions they should take in the event of an active shooter incident. The course is a didactic presentation with room staging and real-world lessons learned. To maximize staff participation, our customers typically conduct multiple training sessions.

Core topics include:

  • Statistics, characteristics, motivators, tactics, and possible indicators of shooters
  • Healthcare challenges and vulnerabilities
  • Active shooter and police response

The Active Shooter program offers both discussion- and operations-based drills and exercises ranging from tabletops to full-scale integrated events with community partners. Unlike exercises led by law enforcement, ours are tailored to healthcare staff and the unique situations they might face during a shooting.

These drills and exercises reinforce active shooter training concepts and allow participants to practice in a scenario-driven event. They also incorporate objectives that evaluate all six critical areas of The Joint Commission’s accreditation requirements and are fully compliant with the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program. EM Solutions instructors provide facility leaders with documentation, including written exercise objectives, after-action reports, and improvement plans.

"I will definitely be aware of my surroundings from now on. I will be alert and protect myself always.​

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