It’s not easy to take staff away from their work, even for a program as important as defusing aggression and violence in your facility. That’s why TEAM consists of two information-packed modules that minimize work disruption and maximize learning.

The modules are easily adaptable to staff schedules, participants’ interest level, and time constraints. Offer both modules the same day, over two days or a week, or in a timeframe that works best for your facility.

  • Blue module (2 hours)—Prepares participants to identify potentially violent or dangerous situations, understand factors that contribute to violence within a healthcare setting, recognize early warning signs of aggression and then use verbal skills to defuse threatening situations. Recommended for everyone who may encounter aggressive individuals.
  • Gold module (2 hours)—Provides additional hands-on, skills-based training by providing participants with unique skills and techniques they can use to protect themselves in case of physical attack. Recommended for staff most likely to encounter violent patients.

For more information about TEAM, contact HSS by email or call 1-866-477-5588.