HSS Electronic Security System Projects

Healthcare – Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center

A 500,000 square-foot health care facility connected to two independent facilities monitored by separate security systems, Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center (EGSMC), in Lafayette, Colorado, needed to seamlessly monitor entrances, exits, and other sensitive areas to provide a safe healthcare environment for its 1,300 employees, 1,100 physicians, 234 patients, and 250-plus daily visitors. EGSMC sought HSS assistance to help review manufacturer surveillance solutions, select the one that best matched its criteria, and install the system.

Healthcare – Denver Health

Denver Health is Colorado’s primary “safety net” institution. Electronic Security Systems Integration was selected to provide a total security solution for the 11 separate campuses throughout the city of Denver. The solution included advanced megapixel IP cameras, DVRs, and duress alarms.

Property Management – Cushman-Wakefield

Cushman-Wakefield manages several downtown Denver high-rise office buildings. With twin goals of reducing installation costs and gaining wider video surveillance coverage at one of its buildings, Cushman-Wakefield selected HSS Electronic Security Systems Integration to replace its analog security system with a megapixel IP video solution and extend video and emergency communications systems to the parking structure in environmentally controlled enclosures.

Education – Jefferson County School District

Jefferson County is Colorado’s fourth largest county by population. The public school district operates over 150 schools, serving nearly 90,000 students. The district initially awarded HSS Electronic Security Systems Integration a three-year, $2 million-plus contract to provide the schools and related facilities with integrated access control on over 800 doors and CCTV. HSS continues to provide the district with ongoing system remodeling and equipment upgrades.

Education – University of Colorado at Denver

HSS was selected to provide installation services for an access control system for multiple buildings and a parking facility on the campus of Colorado’s largest university. New doors are added regularly to the system. The university also awarded HSS a service maintenance contract for access control and video camera maintenance.