HSS Healthcare Facility Disinfection

bacteriaA rise in hospital-acquired infections due to antibiotic resistant microorganisms is a deadly and costly problem. HSS Medical Equipment Management has partnered with Bio-Intervention Specialists (Bio-IS) to address this quickly emerging threat to patient care. The outcome: A revolutionary new service product that greatly reduces the hard surface infection level within our customers’ facilities. The environmentally friendly, EPA-approved Electro-BioCide solution, applied by trained technicians with state-of-the-art applicators, has achieved a 99.9999% kill rate for most of the “superbugs” plaguing society today.

Tom Boyer, CEO, Bio-IS, says, “We chose to partner with HSS because it’s reputation for customer satisfaction, dedication to quality, and overall commitment to the highest possible quality of patient care.

The bio-intervention service combines the disinfecting power of Electro-BioCide and the service quality and commitment of HSS’s Medical Equipment Management division to respond quickly to outbreaks throughout the U.S.  HSS specialists can respond to calls from hospitals for assistance on an emergency basis or be positioned permanently at any hospital to support their ongoing needs.

“We are pleased to partner with Bio-IS in this program,” notes Rowdy Teague, Vice President, HSS Medical Equipment Management, “and provide hospitals with a simple, cost-effective method for disinfecting environmental surfaces that greatly reduces the risk of patient and healthcare provider infection and saves lives.”

For more information on HSS healthcare facility disinfection service, or to request immediate assistance, call 1-800-699-4230.