Reduce Cost and Improve Quality with Outsourced Service

HSS Medical Equipment Management is a proven outsourcing provider that will maximize the value of your equipment assets by ensuring your equipment operates at optimally efficient levels and complies with regulatory guidelines. Plus, we offer these benefits:

Cost Savings

Customers that have outsourced to HSS have reduced their equipment management costs significantly. By eliminating the need to handle equipment problems and issues themselves, they also have been able to fully focus their time and resources on providing quality patient care.

Customer Controlled

Although your HSS equipment technicians are employed by HSS, they work for you. Your goals determine the program and your feedback identifies areas of improvement. Like an in-house staff, their performance is measured by how well they meet your goals and expectations. Unlike an in-house staff, however, your HSS staff has access to specialized support and resources at no additional charge to you.

Equal Opportunity for Existing Staff

We understand your loyalty to your existing staff. We will invite them to apply for positions with HSS, but they must go through the same screening process as new applicants and meet all job qualifications. From experience we can say that the individuals you consider to be your best technicians will likely become HSS employees.

A Passion for Customer Service

Our technicians are expected to understand your facility’s goals and objectives and to work closely and positively with your staff. We’ve received many compliments from existing customers who tell us they consider their HSS technicians to be part of their staff.

Quality Technicians

We can commit to improving the quality of your equipment management program because of the expertise and experience of our people. HSS technicians are the best of the best. They have extensive experience maintaining and repairing all types of medical equipment from a full range of manufacturers and ensuring that it is performing to manufacturer and industry standards.