Refurbished Sterile Processing Equipment—Save Up to 50%

Refurbished EquipmentStretch Your Budget With Smart Solutions For Sterile Processing Purchases
You know you can reduce the capital cost of sterilizers and sterile processing equipment by purchasing refurbished equipment. But you want to know how purchasing refurbished compares to purchasing new equipment. What’s the quality? Will the unit last as long as a new one? Will service costs be higher after the sale?

In order to help healthcare providers answer these questions and save money with refurbished equipment, HSS has acquired Medequip Engineering Service. This Oregon- based company has a 20-year history specializing in the high-end refurbishment of sterilization equipment. This experience and a proven, multi-step refurbishment process enables HSS to offer you refurbished equipment that:

  • Costs half that of new equipment on average.
  • Meets the same OEM standards for quality and performance as new equipment.
  • Maintains the highest quality and reliability.
  • Carries a warranty.
Plus, we will help you assess the trade-in value of equipment you are replacing.

A Full Line of Refurbished Sterilizers and Processing Equipment
HSS refurbishes all types, sizes, and configurations of sterile processing equipment used in the healthcare environment, including:

  • Sterilizers
  • Washers
  • Ultrasonics

Additional items include load carts and transfer carriages, steam generators, parts, and a complete line of consumables. Contact us for more information and an inventory of available models.

We can provide references to customers who already are saving money with HSS refurbished sterilizers and equipment.