HSS SAVeR – Saving You $2 for $1 Paid in Fees…Guaranteed

HSS introduced the Service Agreement Value Review (SAVeR) program in 2009 in response to requests from smaller hospitals for help with the many service agreements they administer. While large hospitals have contracting professionals on staff to oversee these agreements, smaller hospitals typically rely on department heads to negotiate their own service agreements for everything from biomedical equipment servicing and hazardous waste removal to oxygen bottles and mailing machines. This decentralized approach leaves hospital administrators wondering if they have the right service at the right price—and if they are being billed correctly.

By tapping the extensive service agreement management experience of HSS, your facility will have the right service agreements and price and correct billing. Plus, you’re guaranteed savings of at least $2 for every $1 you pay HSS in fees over the term of the SAVeR contract. Some customers have saved significantly more.

Within a week of signing on as a SAVeR customer, a 12-bed critical access facility in rural Colorado reduced its ultrasound system service agreement cost by $42,000 over the four-year life of the contract. Another hospital became eligible for volume discounts when SAVeR reduced the number of its medical gas suppliers from four to one.

The HSS SAVeR program:

  • Involves your staff in determining needed services so you can be confident that you have the optimal coverage at the best price.
  • Ensures that you are paying only for what you contracted for by closely monitoring vendor invoices to catch and correct billing errors.
  • Enables your staff to spend significantly less time on managing service agreements and more time on what they do best — taking care of patients.

With SAVeR you can be assured your money is being spent wisely—and correctly.