HSS Medical Equipment Management History

The history of the HSS Medical Equipment Management:

2005: HSS implements WaterMizer™, a water saving program for sterilizers resulting in 60 percent water usage savings and significant water department rebates.

2003: HSS continues to operate a medical equipment Maintenance Management Fund™ for a large community healthcare system, with multi campus locations. In addition to managing and tracking the service, we have been asked to assist in service contract negotiations.

2002: Began a Maintenance Management Fund for The Children’s Hospital – Denver and are managing support costs for $1,600,000 worth of service and contracts. This fund has realized more than $100,000 worth of extra savings during its first year of operation.

2001: We upgraded our Omega software system to interface with the Maintenance Management Fund program, which manages outside maintenance contracts for hospitals.

2000: Completed a highly successful, five-year HSS Maintenance Management Fund for a major hospital that returned $1 million to the customer. The customer then extended for the fund to manage its equipment maintenance functions for another multi-year period.

1994: Implementation of a new concept, the medical equipment Maintenance Management Fund, has been extremely successful in generating significant service contract savings for our members. This risk sharing partnership reduces overall service contract expense by as much as 40-60 percent.

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