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HSS iLEAD™ Learning Management System

iLeadOne of the cornerstones of iLEAD™ is an online Learning Management System that will maintain your personal training and development plan and enable you to track your progress against that plan.

What is an LMS?
An LMS is an on-demand/e-learning training solution that incorporates your personalized learning style, to provide just-in-time training right to your desktop or mobile device. Our LMS allows us to deliver training programs to all employees, no matter where they are located within the country. It also allows us to create customized on-line content and resources covering a vast array of topics, such as our iLEAD series of leadership development programs, Microsoft Office programs, customer service fundamentals, communication skills, and more.

The LMS can be accessed from any web browser by going to www.hssilead.com

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