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HSS iLEAD™ Program Information Network and Purpose

iLeadThe iLEAD™ information network is a group of representatives from each HSS organization, across multiple levels, who:

  • Knows and understands the unique needs / issues of their group
  • Is respected by their peers / can speak on the behalf of them in iLEAD™ “focus groups”
  • Is willing to become an expert in the new training processes and software
  • Is willing to lead, coach and support peers throughout iLEAD™’s introduction
  • Has a proven history of accepting and supporting changes
  • Can customize and communicate iLEAD™ messages for their group

iLEAD™’s information network will be launched in early Dec ’09 and will assume the following responsibilities over time:

Now through initial iLEAD™ roll-out – Help define and champion the change

  • Provide feedback to the project team about the effectiveness of what’s planned for iLEAD™ over time
  • Participate in LMS testing and “Proof of Concept” reviews
  • Help deliver communications / build interest
  • Act as an advocate for the initiative within their group

During initial rollout – Lead / support the change process

  • Help assess user readiness for LMS rollout / other iLEAD™ activities
  • Encourage iLEAD™ participation
  • Coordinate implementation activities on-site
  • Participate in the training delivery
  • Actively use and master the LMS tool and new training processes
  • Coach other users to gain proficiency
  • Provide feedback to project team about effectiveness of iLEAD™ software, communications, and training

After initial rollout – Ensure that tools / processes are successfully adopted

  • Lead by example – use and master the tool and processes
  • Assess user adoption and mastery of tool and processes
  • Provide feedback to project team about the effectiveness of training processes / software, success stories, and issues

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