• Welcome HSS Employee

HSS’ Institute for Leadership, Education, Advancement, and Development (iLEAD™)

iLeadThe purpose of iLEAD™ is to help those at all levels consistently develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their HSS positions. Benefits include:

  • Increasing effectiveness at what we do, driving higher levels of both client and employee satisfaction
  • Making HSS a better place to work
  • Retaining our most critical asset – our employees
  • Reducing turnover and employer liability costs

iLeadWhen launched company-wide in early 2010, iLEAD™ will offer opportunities for new and existing employees, salaried and hourly, at all levels. New hire courses will cover HSS core values, policies, procedures, and culture. Existing employee courses will include an extensive list of learning opportunities, some required and many optional. No matter what your position is now, there will be online and instructor-led courses you can take that will, step-by-step, help you build the skills and knowledge you need to advance in your career.

To learn more about iLEAD™ contact us.