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HSS is the nation’s leading security partner and has been raising the industry standard since 1967. We are the premiere security leaders in two high risk industries: healthcare and aviation. Healthcare is our company heritage and we are proud to be the only security services provider founded by hospitals. We offer turnkey security solutions with a full array of value-added services that are innovative, cost-effective and patient-focused for today’s most pressing healthcare security issues. As the industry leader, HSS has continued to diversify expertise across Healthcare Security, Aviation/Airport Security, Government Services, Security Systems Integration, Equipment Management & Sales, and Emergency Management Solutions amongst several other niche specialties that create safer environments.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our continual drive at enriching our client partnership. We create world class customer experiences to enhance the value of our clients’ organizations. No other firm can rival the experience, expertise and specialized training of the HSS team. After 45+ years all of our founding member hospitals remain HSS customers. We work to maintain an unprecedented 95%+ retention rate and we succeed because we care – our partnerships speak volumes about our integrity and commitment. We strive to see ourselves through our clients’ eyes and to anticipate their every need, every time.

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Firearm Discharges in Hospitals: An Examination of Data from 2006-2016

Firearm Paper

Violence in healthcare is on the rise. Increasingly, states are requiring hospitals to provide violence prevention programs with a heavy emphasis on employee training. As a physical security provider specializing in healthcare, HSS has a particular interest in understanding trends in security incidents in hospitals.

In this paper, we examine 416 instances of a firearm discharge in a US hospital over a nearly ten-year period. This article summarizes our analysis of data, which include events occurring Jan 1, 2006 to Dec 19, 2016.


Free White Paper: Seconds to Respond: Unique Active Shooter Training Program Arms Hospital Staff with Lifesaving Knowledge


As active shooter incidents fill the headlines, healthcare workers remain on the front lines. HSS EM Solutions™ experts design, conduct, and evaluate a full range of healthcare-specific preparedness exercises to ensure the safest response is second nature among staff. For example, EM Solutions worked with a large hospital to plan and stage a series of active shooter drills. The team conducted these exercises within live patient care units with zero loss of staff productivity. Following the trainings, active shooter had dropped out of the hospital’s top risks. Download our white paper, “Seconds to Respond: Unique Active Shooter Training Program Arms Hospital Staff with Lifesaving Knowledge,” to discover more positive outcomes of this custom training model, plus strategies you can use.

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Free White Paper: How HSS Provides Hospital Administrators with Solutions to Help Address the Challenges of Violence in Healthcare


Clinical and healthcare security staff face a difficult challenge: their role of providing for the care and safety of patients has not changed; however, the rising incidence of patient-generated violence has changed the healthcare environment dramatically. Evidence shows that defensive use-of-force technology is an effective strategy that security staff can use to better support clinical care providers. Download our white paper, “How HSS Provides Hospital Administrators with Solutions to Help Address the Challenges of Violence in Healthcare,” for a deeper understanding of how appropriate use-of-force tools and technologies, particularly the TASER Conducted Energy Weapon, can help build a safer environment for staff and patients while reducing risk and costs.

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  • In honor of the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) Healthcare Security and Safety Week this October 9th-15th, HSS has created a video tribute to recognize our healthcare security team members. The theme this year is “Your Security Is Our Success” and it is absolutely true that, at HSS, keeping our hospital partners safe and secure is the key to what makes us a successful organization. On behalf of Tony York and the rest of HSS’s senior leadership team, thank you for delivering world class customer experiences every single day. Read more...
  • We would like to welcome our new Senior Security Advisor, James “Jim” Davis. Mr. Davis brings more than 30 years of experience in statewide policing, criminal investigations, fire prevention, wildland firefighting, and disaster and emergency response management and recovery. During his 26 years with the FBI, Davis gained extensive executive experience in the United States and the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia. He supervised FBI efforts in counter-terrorism and intelligence operations in Iraq, including supervising the processing steps related to the capture of Saddam Hussein. Read more...