HSS EM Solutions™ has now partnered with HSS Aviation & Government Services to offer PPE training to its airport customers so they can best protect employees and the traveling public from biological threats.

EM Solutions’ national director, Dr. Tracy Buchman Sonday, has been asked to instruct a new FEMA course, Personal Protective Measures for Biological Events, at the Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) in November. The course’s target audience includes responders and receivers, individuals involved in the primary and secondary screening and inspection process at ports of entry such as airports, rail stations, and seaports, as well as Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers.

With this additional credential, HSS is positioned to provide such essential training to its airport customers as a value-add to their contracts, ensuring our customers receive thorough Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) training in the most expedient way possible. HSS enthusiastically welcomes this new collaboration between its healthcare and aviation divisions, as the reach of our emergency management expertise expands to support even more of our customers. For more information, please contact Dr. Tracy Buchman Sonday.