HSS ED-Safe Patent Pending Components


The ED-Safe Patent Pending program has five components:

ED-Safe LogoEnvironmental Controls – Includes a “door in to door out” risk assessment of the physical design of your ED.

Policies and Practices – Evaluates the effectiveness of policies and practices designed to protect your ED, including patient through-put/visitor privileges, at-risk admissions, patient searches, and security plan.

Training – Trains all ED staff, from medical staff, EMTs, and security to social services, food service, and clergy. Builds a stronger team, confident and prepared to assume proactive ownership of their work environment.

Response Plan – Uses a simple green-yellow-red visual recognition system that makes it easy for staff to recognize, understand, react to, and manage violent events.

Measurement – Determines the return on your ED-Safe Patent Pending investment by measuring changes in time lost to injuries, ED staff turnover, and more.

With ED-Safe Patent Pending, you can develop a plan that enables your ED staff to safely manage violence and aggression without diminishing patient care. Contact HSS.