ED-Safe® – Preventing and Mitigating Emergency Department Violence

“Because hospitals are open to the public around the clock…securing the building and grounds presents specific challenges…the Emergency Department is typically the hardest area to secure.”
– Joint Commission Sentinel Event Alert

HSS, the nation’s leading security provider, launched ED-Safe® in 2009 to help hospitals secure their Emergency Departments with a practical, proactive violence prevention and mitigation program.

ED-Safe® will deliver a significant return on your investment. Surveys in hospitals with ED-Safe® show that employee turnover is less likely following program implementation—even if an employee is physically assaulted after ED-Safe® is adopted. ED-Safe® demonstrates your organization’s commitment to employee safety through adoption of a structured violence prevention and mitigation program. This commitment will make a difference to your existing ED staff—and can make you more attractive to potential employees.

ED-Safe® includes three components that are absolutely necessary to creating and maintaining a safe work and care environment for healthcare staff, patients, and visitors. These components are:

  • Comprehensive, “door in to door out” environmental and program risk assessments.
  • Practical and inclusive training. Training all ED staff—from medical staff, EMTs, and security to food and social services—creates a stronger, better prepared team.
  • Proactive violence response and mitigation measures, including a simple green-yellow-red light system that makes it easy for staff to recognize, prepare for, and manage violent events.

ED-Safe® is a proven program, but it’s no cookie-cutter solution. We’ll build it to fit your Emergency Department. Whether your ED has 15, 50, or 100 beds, uses a pod or linear design, serves an inner city or a regional population, we’ll adapt ED-Safe® to work effectively in your environment and with your team.

ED-Safe® is working in hospitals around the country. Contact us to find out how it can be put to work to enhance the safety of your ED.