TEAM Advanced: Protecting Patients and Yourself

The TEAM Advanced: Protecting Patients and Yourself module is designed for individuals in your highest risk departments, such as the ED, who may encounter violent behavior and need to be able to protect their patients and themselves from injury. Here’s a brief review of the purpose and content of this proven, healthcare-specific program, which has been offered by HSS with continual updates and enhancements since 1997.

The Program At-A-Glance

  • Course Objectives: Teach participants healthcare environment appropriate strategies and skills they can use to protect their patients and themselves in case of physical attack.  Build participant competency with these skills in hands-on exercises and simulations so they will have the confidence to use them.
  • Prerequisite: Completion of TEAM Essentials: Recognizing and Managing Aggression.
  • Course Length: 2 hour, certified instructor-led course.
  • Course Content: Focuses on defensive and non-harmful physical countermeasures for the most common types of assaults in healthcare settings. Staff will learn:
    • Safe working positions.
    • Non-verbal techniques to safely defuse and control aggressive or violent behavior.
    • TEAM Personal Safety Principles to avoid injury if behavior escalates to a physical level.
    • Techniques for after-event documentation and debriefing.
  • Learning Tools: Interactive, engaging participants with videos, simulations, real-life healthcare professional experiences, case studies, downloadable job aids, workbooks, and group discussion.
  • Certificate of Completion: Presented to each participant who successfully completes TEAM Advanced.
  • Compliance: Fully compliant with The Joint Commission, CMS, DNV (NIAHO), OSHA, and NIOSH guidelines, including those requiring annual workplace violence training.
  • CEUs: HSS does not award or issue continuing education units (CEUs) to your staff members who complete TEAM training, but, at your request, we will provide a complete packet with all the information you need to submit TEAM participation for CEUs. Please check with the accreditation agency or your education department prior to submitting your packet for CEUs. TEAM Advanced is eligible for up to 0.2 CEUs.
  • Cost: Visit the TEAM Value Pricing page for details.

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