TEAM is an award winning, proven program

TEAM is the most flexible, effective, and affordable healthcare-specific workplace violence intervention training program available. Since its introduction in 1997, TEAM has helped healthcare providers further strengthen their culture of safety by:

  • Minimizing physical interventions.
  • Reducing patient and staff injuries.
  • Increasing the skills and confidence staff need to stay safe.
  • Meeting all industry regulatory requirements.

Skills learned in TEAM training also can enable your staff to maintain positive patient and patient family experiences by effectively mitigating and managing disruptive behavior. This can contribute to higher HCAHPS scores for your hospital, particularly on questions related to communication, response, and quietness.

HSS understands the challenges facing healthcare providers, particularly budget pressures and staff training time constraints. That’s why TEAM is modular, enabling your facility to tailor training to the risk level and time availability of staff in each department and to your budget.

TEAM Courses

TEAM Essentials: Recognizing and Managing Aggression teaches staff to recognize and safely manage factors and hazards that can escalate to aggression or violence. This course offers both instructor-led sessions and self-directed, e-Learning sessions.

TEAM Advanced: Protecting Patients and Yourself teaches staff who have completed the Essentials course the strategies and techniques they can use to protect patients and themselves in case of physical attack.

The option to certify in-house staff as TEAM instructors adds even greater flexibility to your use of TEAM and can save you significant dollars. Read more about this program on the TEAM instructor certification page.

TEAM is your best choice. When you compare benefits and costs, no other program comes close to TEAM.

  • Healthcare specific: Unlike generic programs, TEAM is focused exclusively on situations healthcare workers, including medical, clinical, and professional support staff, are likely to encounter. TEAM also is fully compliant with The Joint Commission, CMS, DNV (NIAHO), OSHA, and NIOSH guidelines.
  • Cost effective: TEAM value pricing enables you to tailor the training program and costs to the needs of your staff—and take advantage of discounts for larger numbers of participants.
  • Time efficient: TEAM’s structure maximizes learning and minimizes work disruption. Instructor-led sessions are 2-2.5 hours and e-Learning is completed on an individual basis. No other workplace violence intervention training program offers the flexibility of an e-Learning option.
  • Adaptable: TEAM incorporates your specific policies, emergency codes, and procedures.

Put TEAM on Your Team

For more information, or for a review of the potential ROI on your investment in TEAM, call HSS TEAM specialists Toll-Free at 844-477-7781, or email us.

Free White Paper: Reducing the Risk of Patient-Generated Violence in Healthcare

White PaperManaging violence in healthcare is a challenge for most hospitals. Leaders continue to look for evidence-based practices that provide effective solutions to mitigate this very real risk. HSS’s TEAM and ED-Safe programs have been shown to positively impact lost work time due to violence, increase staff engagement scores, reduce staff utilization requests for outside de-escalation assistance due to violent patients, and improve staff compliance/engagement in aggression management training. Download HSS’s white paper, “Reducing the Risk of Patient-Generated Violence in Healthcare,” to learn how our multi-faceted approach at Methodist Health System created a culture of safety within their emergency departments.

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