HSS Healthcare Security Training

HSS security officer training adheres to International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) standards. Topics include protection, customer service, and public relations, so you can rely on our officers’ professional conduct in a full range of situations.

Before assignment to your facility, security officers complete the HSS Security Officer Training Academy, which meets IAHSS, ASIS International, and local jurisdiction healthcare security training standards. The Academy curricula covers the knowledge security officers need to do their jobs, including:

Upon graduation from the Academy, security officers must master site-specific competency tasks constructed by your HSS Security Program Manager before beginning their duties at your facility.

During their assignment, security officers complete at least six hours of training each trimester on topics specific to your facility and general topics such as infant protection and emergency preparedness.

Due to the increasing level of violence in healthcare, HSS has developed training programs and patient-centered guidelines for managing at-risk behavior using a “least restrictive alternative” approach. By defining staff responsibilities and promoting patient and staff safety, these practices can reduce related workers’ compensation expense and liability exposure.

To encourage officers to further their own development as security professionals, HSS offers compensation increases and advancement opportunities to officers who complete, and maintain, one, two, or all three levels of IAHSS certification.