Healthcare Security Technology And Support Services

Take advantage of HSS technology and support services to effectively balance your security personnel and security technology.

Electronic Security Systems Integration

The HSS Electronic Security Systems Integration group continuously monitors the market for technologies that enhance healthcare facility security—and tests them to prove it. Healthcare facilities turn to us as their one-stop shop for:

  • Security system design and integration.
  • Purchase and/or installation of CCTV, access control, alarms, emergency communication, infant protection, and more.
  • System maintenance and repair. We offer an on-site program that includes managing security equipment for maximum efficiency while containing maintenance costs.

Considering a switch in technology? Well provide the objective information you need to evaluate the costs and benefits of different security systems, compare them to current or standard security technologies, and make an informed choice. Expanding or renovating your facility? We can work with your engineers and/or architects to incorporate the best technology for the project and for your goals and budget. Contact Security Systems Integration by email or call 303-603-3095 or 877-477-4703 (toll-free).

Operations Support Center

The HSS Operations Support Center (OSC) is a fully integrated, 24/7 central communications hub. It supports and coordinates the response of HSS security officers with specialized software and dedicated radio contact with officers, supervisors, and vehicle patrols that:

  • Expedites information sharing.
  • Speeds officer response time.
  • Makes it easy for your staff and visitors to contact security.

The OSC also offers monitoring of emergency communication devices and electronic security systems such as alarms, emergency call boxes, access control, and CCTV. Using Nextel IDEN protocol, the center has the same governmental priority level as first responders. This system, combined with backup generators, ensures uninterrupted communications in all types of emergencies. Digital phone and radio recording and detailed reports of all call activity provide the accurate documentation required to effectively reduce your risk and liability exposure.

Contact Security Systems Integration or call 303-603-3095 or 877-477-4703 (toll-free).