HSS Transforms Your Security Expense into a Valuable Investment

We understand that every dollar you spend on security is a dollar you can’t spend on staff and patient care. That’s why we’ve designed our hospital security program to turn the line item expense of security into an investment that benefits your staff, patients, and visitors—and delivers high value for your facility.

Caring, Customer-Focused Security

Your investment in security provides twice the value with HSS. That’s because your HSS security team not only maintains a secure environment that makes staff and patients feel safe, but also serves as ambassadors for your facility.

We don’t recruit people who just want to be a hospital security guard. We recruit people who respect others, have a passion for customer service, and want a career in which they can make a difference. That’s true for all HSS health care security professionals, including executives, onsite management, and security officers. Our customers quickly come to consider HSS security part of their care team.

Customized Programs and Best Practices

We customize our program for each customer, adapting and applying best practices learned from hospitals around the country. This enables HSS to ensure maximum operating efficiencies and effectiveness and to continually and proactively improve our service to you.

Security Staff Quality and Retention

People are the greatest asset of your security function—and the greatest expense. We use a rigorous hiring process to find individuals with the passion, skills, and commitment to provide the customer-focused security customers have come to expect of HSS.

To minimize the high cost of turnover, HSS offers competitive benefits packages, recognition programs, and career advancement opportunities. These strategies enable HSS to maintain an industry leading 82% retention rate for security officers assigned to healthcare facilities.

Security Provides a Competitive Edge

It’s a competitive market for nurses and other care professionals and, increasingly, applicants are asking about the security program. They want to work in a safe and secure environment that enables them to focus on patient care. The HSS security program, with professional security officers supported by specialized security programs and health care security content experts, can give your facility a competitive edge in recruiting the best nurses and care professionals.

It also can give you an edge in staff retention. One of the most common reasons for staff turnover is how safe they feel at work, or, more accurately, how unsafe they feel. The rising incidence of violence in healthcare has caused many professionals to feel vulnerable in their workplace. The HSS security program will create an environment in which your staff feel safe and clearly demonstrate the commitment your facility has to their safety. The result can be a drop in costly staff turnover.