Centralized Security Monitoring and Dispatch

The HSS Security Operations Center (SOC), which exclusively supports HSS security, serves as the centralized monitoring and dispatch center for healthcare facilities nationwide. The key benefits of centralizing responsibility for all of your facility’s security-related telephone calls, alarm monitoring, emergency communications, and radio dispatching with HSS include:

  • Accelerate officer response time.
  • Expedite information sharing.
  • Facilitate staff and visitor contact with security.
  • Reduce dispatch costs.

When time, accuracy, and reliable communications count, you can count on the HSS Security Operations Center.

Significant Savings

HSS has been able to cut costs 66% or more by moving customers’ dedicated security dispatch to HSS security—and maintain or improve the quality and timeliness of response.

Advanced Communications Technology

It’s been over 25 years since we established the SOC. We continually upgrade our technology to ensure we operate at the highest level of reliability and availability.

  • Our Nextel communications system has three independent forms of communication—cell phones, radios, and text messaging. If one, or even two, of these fail, the SOC can continue to provide critical communication to your security officers and responders.
  • HSS has a Level 5 Emergency Access priority, which is the level just below the President, military, Congress, and first responders. This enhances our ability to communicate in an emergency or disaster.
  • We use an uninterruptible power supply and generator back-up power for all SOC radio, phone system, and electrical circuits so we are able to maintain communication during emergencies, disasters, or power failures.
  • All phone calls and radio transmissions are digitally recorded, which provides the documentation you need for definitive complaint resolution and effective dispatcher training. Redundant servers ensure that calls are safely retained for future retrieval as needed.

Experienced Dispatchers

Technology is only as good as the people who operate it—and HSS people are among the best in the business. HSS dispatchers come from a wide range of security and public safety backgrounds, including former police and security officers and 911, police, and EMS dispatchers. This experience prepares them well for the demanding responsibilities of an HSS dispatcher.

We supplement their experience with focused training in public safety, security response, and customer service. An HSS dispatcher is often the first point of contact for your employees, staff members, or visitors when they need assistance. Because of their background and training, you can have confidence that the HSS dispatcher will provide assistance professionally and helpfully.

Customized, Knowledgeable Response

In order to quickly identify the location of every alarm we monitor and immediately notify appropriate responders, the SOC sets up unique alarms for each monitoring customer and trains dispatchers to respond to those alarms with follow-up actions and procedures determined by that customer.

Our direct communication links with police and fire departments, and our dispatchers’ knowledge of which departments to contact in geographic areas with multiple jurisdictions, ensure timely notification of appropriate public safety agencies.