Professional Management for Your Security Staff

No two hospitals are alike—and no two security operations are alike. That’s why HSS offers an alternative to a full service program. Our Management Only program is tailor-made for hospitals that want to enhance their security posture while maintaining their security officer staff as employees. The HSS Management Only program offers you a host of benefits, including:

Competitive Cost

We understand the constraints on healthcare facility budgets…and have structured our program to provide maximum efficiency and value for the dollars you invest in the management of your security operation.

Support from the Nation’s Premier Healthcare Security Provider

You’ll have direct access to the experience and expertise of HSS corporate executives who are nationally recognized leaders in healthcare security. They have extensive industry credentials and backgrounds in hospital protection management and are often called on by industry groups and media, including Joint Commission Resources and hospitals needing to defend their security programs, to serve as subject matter experts. Our survey-tested and proven TJC compliance strategies will ensure the effectiveness of your security program.

You can take advantage of proven programs and structured training on critical issues such as:

  • Compliance
  • Security technology evaluation and deployment
  • Emergency management and preparedness
  • Violence prevention and mitigation
  • Staff engagement in the security function

HSS is one of the few healthcare security firms to have earned SAFETY Act Certification and Designation, which protects you from potentially devastating liability losses.

Experienced Onsite Leadership

Your HSS onsite management team will use their experience and specialized knowledge to develop professional security officers—not just security guards. They will lead—and inspire—your security officers to maintain a safe environment, be ambassadors for your facility, and remain, or become, integral members of your patient care team.

100% Healthcare Security

Healthcare security is all we do. We have 40 years of experience helping healthcare providers meet the industry’s ever-changing security challenges. In fact, we wrote the book on hospital and healthcare security, Hospital and Healthcare Security, which is considered to be the defining body of knowledge on hospital security.