Healthcare Technology Applications

These are just a few of the ways HSS healthcare customers have applied electronic security systems to enhance safety and reduce cost.

  • IP-based technology in patient rooms provides audio surveillance and visual surveillance that can be viewed remotely, serving as an economical and reliable supplement to one-on-one patient monitoring.
  • Patients in mental health units can become upset when they see uniformed security officers. Virtual video patrols of these units minimize patient distress by reducing the number of officer patrols—and still assure staff that security is nearby and monitoring activity in the unit.
  • To mitigate real and perceived dangers on facility campuses, HSS has installed cameras, lighting, emergency communication towers, and other technologies. These visible technologies show staff and visitors that their safety is a facility priority. They also serve as a psychological deterrent to vandals and criminals who see these as visible indicators of the facility’s dedication to high levels of security—and barriers to the success of their planned activity.