HSS Offers Unmatched Healthcare and Hospital Security Experience and Expertise

You can have confidence in your decision to entrust HSS with the safety of your staff, patients, and visitors. We’re not the largest security firm you can choose—and we’re not the smallest. We’re a mid-sized firm that is widely regarded as the nation’s premier provider of healthcare and hospital security services. HSS stands behind and supports every security officer with specialized knowledge and credentials that can’t be matched by any other firm of any size.

100% Healthcare Security Focus

We understand the unique challenges you face in healthcare and have 40 years of experience helping hospitals, trauma centers, emergency rooms, clinics, and other healthcare providers successfully meet those challenges. With HSS managing your medical security, you can focus your time and resources on delivering outstanding patient care. And you’ll never have to compete for our attention with other customers whose security needs bear no similarity to yours.

Recognized Healthcare Security Experts

Our management team wrote the book on healthcare and hospital security. Hospital and Healthcare Security, 5th edition, is considered by healthcare professionals to be the defining body of knowledge on security in hospitals. Plus, we are helping raise healthcare security standards through our involvement with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, the Joint Commission, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid, International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety, and ASIS International.

Long-Lasting Relationships

Changing security firms costs time and money—and reduces staff confidence in their safety during the changeover. That’s why HSS is committed to delivering hospital security services that retain your business for the long term.

We are proud to have earned a 95% customer retention rate and to have won back the business of some of the few customers who have left us to try another firm. In the past four years, seven hospitals in Colorado’s largest health system came back to HSS. The system had switched all security in hospitals to another firm in an attempt to further reduce costs, but these hospitals found the change reduced the quality of their security programs to an unacceptable level.

Innovative Solutions

HSS has a long track record of developing innovative solutions tailored to the healthcare environment. In response to increasing violence in healthcare, we created three aggression and hospital violence prevention / management solutions:

SAFETY Act Designation and Certification

HSS is one of the few contract medical security companies nationwide to undergo a rigorous review by the Department of Homeland Security and earn SAFETY Act Designation and Certification for providing healthcare security services. This protects you from potentially devastating liability losses—at no additional cost to you.