Outsourcing Security to HSS Can Reduce Cost and Improve Quality

Given growing violence in healthcare workplaces and patients’ increasing concerns about security, many healthcare providers with in-house security functions are considering outsourcing. But they want an outsourcing program that will maintain the best of their in-house security function while enhancing the overall quality of their security. HSS, which consistently ranks among Modern Healthcare’s top 10 outsourcing firms, offers a proven healthcare security outsourcing solution with these benefits:

Cost Savings

Customers that have outsourced their security function to HSS have reduced their security costs by 10-25% due to HSS program efficiencies. Plus, by eliminating the need to handle security problems and issues themselves, they have been able to fully focus their time and resources on providing quality patient care.

Customer Controlled

Although your HSS onsite program manager and security staff are employed by HSS, they work for you. Your goals determine the program and your feedback identifies areas of improvement.

Like an in-house staff, their performance is measured by how well they meet your goals and expectations. Unlike an in-house staff, however, your HSS staff has access to outside, specialized support and resources – including on-going training and development (such as healthcare violence intervention training) – at no additional charge to you.

Equal Opportunity for Existing Staff

We understand your loyalty to your existing staff, including your hospital security guards. Rest assured we will treat them with respect throughout the transition. They all will be invited to apply for positions with HSS, but, in order to be re-hired, they must go through the same screening process as new applicants and meet all job qualifications. From experience we can say that the individuals you consider to be your best and most effective security people – including each top hospital security officer – will likely become HSS employees.

Ambassadors for Your Facility

Each HSS hospital security officer will represent your facility professionally and compassionately. Our officers are expected and trained to be ambassadors for your facility in every interaction with staff, patients, and visitors. That’s one of our core values. We’ve received many compliments from existing customers who tell us they consider each and every HSS hospital security guard to be part of their staff. Recently, one customer conducted an internal survey of customer service practices. They reported that their staff ranked the HSS security program higher in customer service than any other hospital program.

Quality Hospital Security Officers

We can commit to maintain or improve the quality of your security program because of the quality and experience of our people.

  • Each HSS hospital security officer is a professional who engages in on-going training to learn and improve their protection, customer service, and public relations skills.
  • The HSS corporate and regional leadership team is a diverse group of highly credentialed professionals with more than 200 years of combined healthcare security experience. They are recognized industry experts and bring experience from leader-ship/command roles in law enforcement, education, and the U.S. military to their positions with HSS.