Behavioral Security Technicians (BeST™) Extend Your Security Services Therapeutically Technician Training

All BeST™ and BeST II™ technicians have the education (a minimum of a BA degree), experience (with mentally ill or substance-addicted individuals), and training (including Emergency Department Mental Health Holds) to:Constantly monitor patients anywhere in your facility, including unit floors and departments such as the ICU and Emergency.

  • Calm, de-escalate, and re-direct patients.
  • Serve as patient advocates as needed.
  • Restrain patients if necessary.

In addition, BeST II™ technicians, who participate in additional training to earn certification as security officers, can assist with security duties for your facility.

HSS is committed to “Always making things right for our customer.” To put that commitment to work for your BeST™ Solution, contact HSS at 1-877-HSS-2870.