Behavioral Security Technicians (BeST™) – Extending Security Services Therapeutically

The HSS Behavioral Security Technician (BeST™) program, pioneered by HSS in 2008, enables your facility to meet the increasing need for one-on-one monitoring of aggressive, disoriented, or substance impaired patients—without reducing your security coverage. And it’s available as a PRN service, so you’ll only pay for it when you need it.

The best way to think of BeST™ is a therapeutic extension of  your security/patient care monitoring program. All BeST™ technicians receive specific orientation and training as security officers , including Techniques for Effective Aggression Management, or TEAM®, training. Plus, they are degreed mental health professionals with experience dealing with at-risk populations. BeST™ II professionals participate in additional training to earn certification as security officers—and their uniforms clearly identify them as security officers.

BeST™ professional responsibilities, tailored to your facility’s needs, can include:

  • Constantly monitoring patients anywhere in your facility, including unit floors and departments such as the ICU and Emergency.
  • Calming, de-escalating, and re-directing patients.
  • Serving as patient advocates as needed.
  • Preventing patients from falling or pulling out lines.
  • Reporting potentially dangerous situations.
  • Restraining patients if necessary.

BeST™ is an economical, patient-focused solution for hospitals, urgent care facilities, long-term acute care facilities, and other healthcare providers. BeST™ is currently working with hospitals in California, southern Colorado, and Denver—and is expanding nationwide.

For more information, or to request a no-obligation analysis of the costs and benefits of using
this proven program in your facility, call 303-603-3020. This number is answered 24/7, so call any time that’s convenient for you—or when you have an emergency need.