HSS Wrote the Book on Healthcare Security

Healthcare security is what we do…and we do it very well. In fact, as the nation’s leading hospital and health security services provider, we literally wrote the book on security in healthcare environments – Hospital and Healthcare Security, 6 th Edition – drawing upon nearly five decades of experience offering health care security services.

Ask any of our 200-plus hospital and healthcare provider customers throughout the country why they selected HSS and why they stay with HSS. They’ll talk about having a visible, professional security team that:
Hospital and Healthcare Security

  • Makes their staff and patients feel safe.
  • Focuses on customer service.
  • Offers innovative solutions.
  • Delivers high value for their security investment.
  • Receives support from a firm with unmatched healthcare security credentials.

In short, they’ll tell you that they trust HSS to create and maintain a safe environment that enables their employees to focus on delivering care and their patients to focus on getting well.

The benefits of implementing HSS healthcare security services solutions include improved security coverage for your facility, stronger leadership and security department performance, access to specialized healthcare security training and knowledge, and greater compliance with Joint Commission, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid, and other industry requirements. All while remaining cost competitive.