Hospital Emergency Management Program Outsourcing

HSS OutsourcingWhy Outsource?

Hospitals around the nation are choosing to outsource their EM compliance to HSS EM Solutions™, a proven program offered by healthcare outsourcing leader, HSS, for four key reasons.

1. Improve Access to HPP Grants 

Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) grants are available to help hospitals strengthen the nation’s medical readiness capabilities through enhanced emergency planning and response. HSS has a long track record in assisting healthcare organizations meet the rigorous requirements to be eligible for those grants.

2. Enhance the EM Program 

EM is a time-consuming job—not only to handle the required documentation and activities, but also to keep up with changing requirements from TJC, DNV and CMS. In hospitals without a full-time EM position, the job tends to be set aside when there are more immediate responsibilities, placing the hospital, and its patients and staff, in jeopardy. HSS can manage this complex responsibility cost-effectively.

3. Gain Perspective 

Internal staff members charged with EM responsibilities are integrally involved in the details of planning, training, and exercises. But they almost never have time to step back and observe these EM activities, which can be critical to identifying areas of strength and weakness. HSS also has the ability to bring in best practices and practical (real-world) approaches from our experience working with hospitals across the country.

4. Gain Efficiencies 

HSS EM Solutions is led by professionals with dedicated experience in emergency management. HSS can deliver compliant EM programs efficiently and at very reasonable rates, allowing your staff to spend more time on patient care and administration.

Program Summary and Deliverables 

The Emergency Management Outsourcing Program focuses on sustaining a functional hospital EM Program and fosters a culture of preparedness throughout the organization. HSS guides hospitals through this process using a proven approach and methodology, supported by industry-leading Healthcare EM professionals. The following program deliverables are provided within each twelve month contract period:

  • Outsourced Emergency Management Coordinator
  • Annual review of the Emergency Operations Plan and supporting policies/annexes
  • Annual review of the Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (HVA)
  • Quarterly EM Subcommittee Meetings
  • Two (2) Joint Commission & Homeland Security Exercise & Evaluation Program (HSEEP) compliant functional exercises
  • Two (2) EM education/training offerings