Hospital Decontamination & Hazardous Material Training


HSS EM Solutions delivers initial operations and refresher-level courses that meet the OSHA requirements for “Best Practices for First Receivers”. Hospital staff members, who may serve as First Receivers within the facility and may respond to an incident, should take the initial operations course and the annual refreshers.

Participants will receive instruction in the defensive actions needed to protect themselves, nearby persons, property, and the environment. Furthermore, the course will provide information to the First Receiver on the extent of their own actions, and their role in the response, so that they can maintain their own safety. All of our instructors have real-world, practical experience from coordinating decontamination programs within their respective hospitals, and fully understand the complexities and challenges of implementing and sustaining a hospital-based program.

HSS’ instructor(s) will evaluate the skill competencies of each participant, through the conduct of a decontamination drill as part of the training offering. Our staff will evaluate and critique the hospital’s response capabilities to contaminated victims through the use of a Joint Commission (TJC) and Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) compliant exercise. All six of TJC’s “critical areas” will be evaluated and documented.

Training Overview 

  • Analyze the need for, composition of, and use of a Hospital First Receiver Decontamination Team during an emergency, MCI, or disaster situation
  • Incorporate the role of the Hospital Incident Command Team during a Hospital First Receiver Team activation to manage and assist the team and Emergency Department
  • Recognize the step-by-step procedures for ambulatory and non-ambulatory decontamination
  • Select and use the appropriate level of PPE as Hospital First Receivers in response to an event involving patient contamination
  • Apply the proper techniques for establishing a decontamination corridor
  • Conduct appropriate cut-out and decontamination operations for victims and staff during response to an event involving contamination, and how to effectively manage decontamination in cold weather

Course Offerings 

Hospital First Receivers Operations Level Training 20 8 Hours
Hospital First Receivers Refresher Level Training 20 4 Hours
Hazardous Material Awareness Level Training 50 4 Hours
Hazardous Materials Orientation Lecture 25 90 Minutes
Hospital Decontamination Exercise Variable Determined by client