Active Shooter Prevention and Response 

Active ShooterA Healthcare-Specific Active Shooter Solution 

Hospital staff members are exposed to volatile situations on a daily basis from individuals who suffer from psychological disorders, are distraught over the condition of a loved one, or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These situations are increasingly escalating to violence, including an increase in the number of shootings. According to a recent study, shootings have been documented in all types of hospitals, including inner-city, suburban, and rural, and in hospitals of all sizes. This dynamic environment and its potential for violent disruption have hospital administrators searching for solutions that will protect their staff and patients. Learn from the leaders in healthcare security how to prepare your staff and protect your patients.

The Comprehensive Hospital Active Shooter Program by EM Solutions is designed specifically for healthcare workers, including medical staff, professional support staff, and volunteers, who may encounter potentially dangerous individuals. Unlike generic programs, the HSS offering is focused exclusively on situations healthcare workers are likely to encounter. Plus, it is fully compliant with numerous accrediting body guidelines, including those of The Joint Commission, CMS, HFAP, DNV (NIAHO), OSHA, and NIOSH.

Flexible Program Components 

The Comprehensive Hospital Active Shooter Program includes the following components, which are offered individually or in the full program:

Plan Review & Development 

Developing an effective active shooter response capability in your facility requires implementation of a plan and incident management system that:

  • Balances the risks posed by response to an active shooter and the safety of patients, staff, and visitors.
  • Is well understood by—and even ingrained in—all staff members.
  • Functions effectively during crisis situations.

EM Solutions staff will work with you to identify and, if needed, strengthen how your hospital mitigates the risk of, prepares for, and responds to an active shooter incident.

Training Seminar 

The purpose of Comprehensive Hospital Active Shooter Program training is to increase staff awareness and prescribe actions they should take in the event of an active shooter incident in your facility. The course is delivered as a didactic presentation, room staging, and concludes with an active shooter/hostage exercise. Core topics include:

  • Defining an active shooter
  • Statistics regarding shooters
  • Characteristics of shooters
  • Motivators and tactics
  • Possible indicators
  • Difficulties & vulnerabilities
  • Active shooter response

Drills and Exercises 

HSS has developed a host of healthcare-specific active shooter exercises ranging from tabletops and drills to functional, full-scale exercises with community partners. These exercises emphasize and reinforce training concepts and give participants the opportunity to practice in a realistic, scenario-driven event. HSS’s active shooter exercises incorporate objectives that evaluate all six critical areas of The Joint Commission’s accreditation requirements and are fully compliant with the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP).

Free White Paper: Seconds to Respond: Unique Active Shooter Training Program Arms Hospital Staff with Lifesaving Knowledge


As active shooter incidents fill the headlines, healthcare workers remain on the front lines. HSS EM Solutions™ experts design, conduct, and evaluate a full range of healthcare-specific preparedness exercises to ensure the safest response is second nature among staff. For example, EM Solutions worked with a large hospital to plan and stage a series of active shooter drills. The team conducted these exercises within live patient care units with zero loss of staff productivity. Following the trainings, active shooter had dropped out of the hospital’s top risks. Download our white paper, “Seconds to Respond: Unique Active Shooter Training Program Arms Hospital Staff with Lifesaving Knowledge,” to discover more positive outcomes of this custom training model, plus strategies you can use.

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