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HSS EM Solutions meets the particular objectives of our clients by providing a variety of Emergency Management and preparedness services to include: program in-sourcing and compliance, planning, training, and exercise offerings. Working closely with our client partners, we have adapted our services to ensure they keep pace with industry needs and have the flexibility, features, and economies of scale that customers seek. Healthcare partners around the nation are working with EM Solutions to enhance their preparedness efforts, reduce overhead, labor, and benefit costs, and take advantage of available grant funding.

With a 45 year history of success and a strong balance sheet, HSS has the longevity and financial stability you seek in a business relationship. We offer you unparalleled, world class service from a professional team that acts in the best interests of our customers. This approach has led us to a position of national leadership and strength as a service provider.

Hospital Emergency Management Program Outsourcing 

This program is designed to aid facilities in developing and maintaining an effective and compliant Emergency Management Program. Save on staff resources and capital by exploring this partnership with HSS EM Solutions.

Hospital Preparedness Exercises 

HSS EM Solutions’ Exercise Development Team brings over 30 years of experience designing and conducting healthcare-related exercises across the country, ranging from tabletops through full-scale offerings with community and healthcare coalition partners.

Emergency Management Planning & Compliance Review 

Whether it is ensuring your organization’s Emergency Management (EM) accreditation compliance or developing planning documents, HSS has a host of nationally renowned healthcare EM experts available to assist.

Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) Training 

HICS is an incident management system that can used by any size hospital to manage threats, planned events, or emergency incidents.

Hospital Decontamination & Hazardous Material Training 

HSS EM Solutions™ delivers initial operations and refresher level courses that meets the requirements of “OSHA Best Practices for First Receivers” document.

Healthcare & Hospital Evacuation Program 

This program provides a facility-specific evacuation plan, a unique approach in training of both leadership and frontline staff, and delivery of an exercise.

Active Shooter Prevention and Response 

Hospital active shooter incidents occur in facilities of all types and sizes, with dozens occurring every year within the United States. Learn how to prepare your staff and protect your patients by the leaders in healthcare security.