HSS Aviation Security Service Expertise

Concerned about the complexities of switching from an in-house or third-party service provider? HSS offers a full range of value-added security solutions, including:
security screening

  • Security Access Control Monitoring
  • Exit Lane Monitoring
  • Vendor and Contractor Point-of-Entry Inspections
  • Employee and Vendor Screening Processes
  • Passenger Security Screening under Part 1544, Aircraft Operator security regulations, the TSA Screening Partnership Program, or other screening needs you have
  • Airport Security Program Review/Audit
  • Vulnerability and Risk Assessments
  • Security Best Practices Analysis and Recommendations
  • Security Technology Review and Recommendations
  • Security Strategic Plans and Capital Planning
  • Aviation Security Contingency Planning and Response
  • Security Operations Center Management
  • Cargo and Aircraft Screening
  • Passenger Processing, Check-in
  • Line Management