TechNation magazine has honored Dustin Telford, HSS Field Service Manager and Biomedical Equipment Manager at Children’s Hospital Colorado, with its Professional of the Year award. After screening this video tribute, TechNation, a leading monthly magazine and resource guide for more than 12,000 medical equipment service professionals, presented the award to Telford at the Fall 2015 MD Expo in Las Vegas, Nev. Says Ken Ottenberg, Vice President, HSS Medical Equipment Management, “It is a true honor to have such an individual on our team and I can only second the recognition he is receiving from our industry.”

Telford (center) and his family at the awards ceremony.

Telford (center) and his family at the awards ceremony.

In his introduction at the awards ceremony, MD Publishing President and Founder John Krieg commented about Telford, “This humble individual has found success everywhere he has been and constantly feeds an internal fire to be the best biomed he can be.…He is a mentor to other biomeds. He is among the who’s who when it comes to the HTM [Healthcare Technology Management] community, serving on committees in a variety of roles to promote, educate, and motivate his peers….He does this all with a smile and a unique sense of humor that he attributes to his ‘wisecracking dad.’”

MD Publishing Editor John Wallace added, “He has a great personality and a unique desire to teach others and learn from others. He is focused on patient safety while also helping to secure cost savings for the hospital.”

Telford modestly responds, “I am not comfortable receiving such praise from the HTM profession. I am inspired by so many other professionals who don’t get this level of recognition but deserve it much more than I do. Without the positive influences in my career and my passion for the work I do, I wouldn’t be the recipient of this award. It is my hope that every professional in this field strives to be their best, regardless of a plaque, title, or other recognition.”

In addition, TechNation recently featured Telford as its Professional of the Month. Telford tells the magazine how he began his career as a child by fixing his mom’s vacuum cleaner, and later served in the U.S. Army and worked as “the lone biomed in Antarctica.” He continued, “The first thing that I want readers to know about me is that I care. I care about my family, I care about my profession. I care about my community. And, I care about people.” Congratulations to Telford for these well-deserved recognitions that shine a spotlight on his commitment to caring for others in and beyond the workplace.