HSS Officers and PRIDE Champions

HSS Officers and PRIDE Champions Dennis Fink, Rose Martinez, and Tami Lacy

At St. Mary’s Medical Center in Grand Junction, Colo., Security Officers Tami Lacy, Dennis Fink, and Rose Martinez responded to an ER security standby call to help nursing staff facilitate the arrival of an agitated patient with altered mental status. After healthcare workers deemed it necessary, the officers assisted in applying restraints “in a courteous and empathetic manner,” wrote Brad Briner, RN. “They displayed an unprecedented amount of kindness and professionalism by assisting me in explaining to the patient and family…the rationale for the restraints. In addition, they did an outstanding job protecting the patient’s privacy and dignity.” Briner noted that without the officers’ prompt, caring response, the patient’s outcome might have been tragic. He concluded, “As a 25-year employee of St. Mary’s Hospital, I have been impressed with the security team and I’m glad to share this example of three individuals [who] take the responsibility to improve the care that we deliver each day.” For their actions, the trio received PRIDE Champion awards, HSS’s highest honor.