HSS landed both Systems Integration contracts with the help of referrals, including one from Broncos Vice President of Security and former Broncos guard Keith Bishop, which helped HSS edge out the competition. SI Director Bryan Jones adds that HSS already enjoyed a solid working relationship with the Broncos’ contractor, Saunders Construction, thanks to previous collaborations. The Rockies referral came from the team’s camera manufacturer.

“The surveillance cameras at the Broncos facility are there to keep the players safe. Plus, their headquarters house a lot of museum-type memorabilia, so they definitely need eyes on that,” explains Jones. “All the video surveillance at Coors Field is directly on the fan seats to keep fans safe and identify any kind of trouble.”

HSS is scheduled to complete its work at Broncos headquarters in July and at the neighboring indoor practice facility in October. SI staff enjoyed the chance to meet Broncos players and coaches during training camp. SI will begin its major work at Coors Field in November during the Rockies’ off-season.

The substantial nature of these sports contracts struck Jones as he rolled up in his Subaru and parked it alongside three Ferraris at Coors Field. Jones says, “These contracts show the trust that these large organizations have for HSS. Sports teams are a new market for us, and we are always looking for new markets to expand into.”

Next up for Jones and the SI team: “I’m hoping this gets HSS on the radar for Pepsi Center,” home to the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, and Colorado Mammoth. Pepsi Center uses the same cameras and video management system found at the Broncos and Rockies facilities. Go SI!

For more info and to see renderings of the Broncos’ expanded facilities, click here. Watch a video about the indoor practice facility, which Broncos Team President Joe Ellis predicts will be “the nicest field house in the league.”