Icelandair Inaugural Departure Wed. 5-20-2015This May, Icelandair launched service at Portland International Airport (PDX), one of HSS’s airport security customers. HSS provided security for the Icelandair Inaugural event on the airfield, which included a dramatic “water arch” sendoff for Icelandair’s first return trip home from PDX.

HSS was requested to provide security-escorting services that included escorting of non-badged contractors, event coordination staff, and vendors. The HSS team also escorted invited guests and monitored them to make sure they didn’t leave the sterile area without proper escort.

On behalf of his Port of Portland teammates, General Manager of Air Service Development David Zielke wrote to partners including HSS, “I want to thank each of you for your help in making the Icelandair launch an amazing success. From the moment the first flight landed Tuesday afternoon, until the liftoff Wednesday of the inaugural flight back to Reykjavik, the Port team did an incredible job making sure every activity went as planned. That takes lots of attention to detail, and old-fashioned hard work, which is where each of you comes in. We could not have done it without you!”

HSS Program Manager at PDX David Martz adds, “I am very proud of my team for a job well done!”