The IAHSS award’s nomination form read:

Landon West Photo“Security Officer Landon West observed a female VIP (behavioral health patient) getting out of her bed while the sitter had her back turned. An Emergency Department (ED) technician intercepted the patient and asked where she was going. At that point, Security Officer West yelled to the ED technician to stop the patient. The patient began running toward the ED rear emergency exit door, which is adjacent to the Patient Tower elevators. Both Security Officer West and the ED technician pursued the patient into the breezeway. The patient continued to run toward the A-Level Patio area near the main entrance of the facility.

“Upon arriving at the safety ledge that separates the upper and lower levels, the patient attempted to catapult off the ledge down to the B-Level Patio below, which is at least a 30-foot drop. Security Officer West was able to grab a hold of her leg and prevent the suicide attempt. The ED technician and a Good Samaritan were able to grab the patient’s other leg and together everyone successfully pulled the patient back to safety. HSS Security Officers Omar Partida and Rudy Campos responded to assist Officer West. Had it not been for [West’s] quick action and heroic work, this patient would have certainly died from the fall.

“Even though Security does not provide direct medical services, this is only one example of the importance that all medical facilities should have a competent, capable, and professional security team to assist the medical staff in times of emergency. Security Officer West received commendations from both the Medical Director and the Administrative Director for his quick actions and life-saving heroics. Without the quick thinking of Security Officer West, the outcome might have been disastrous. I can’t think of a better representation of HSS quality customer service.”

Weekend House Supervisor Patricia Sparnicht wrote to Willis, acknowledging West’s heroism: “We are grateful to him.” And so is HSS.