The Center for Health Design (CHD) received a grant from the AHRQ and the Facility Guidelines Institute to develop a proactive safety risk assessment (SRA) tool that will be used in the healthcare facility design process to identify and remove any latent conditions that potentially affect patient and staff safety.

Between 2013 and 2015, the project aims to develop and distribute an online proactive SRA toolkit. Its annual focus will be:

Year 1: Safe Design Roadmap and SRA tool development, based in part on interviews with healthcare CEOs and a seminar with the MedStar Institute for Innovation.
Year 2: SRA tool validation and integration into a toolkit, based on focus group feedback, pilot testing at healthcare organizations, and a seminar at Kaiser Permanente’s Garfield Innovation Center.
Year 3: SRA toolkit dissemination via an online platform, plus toolkit evaluation during a national seminar, where the project’s key findings will be shared and healthcare design stakeholders will be educated on the SRA’s implementation.

Tony York’s workgroup is one of six supporting the toolkit’s development. The workgroups provide feedback on the content developed for the tool as well as its usability and practical relevance.

HSS joins the CHD in its belief that smart design in healthcare environments can help improve patient outcomes. The SRA toolkit will prove valuable in enhancing the quality of healthcare facilities worldwide.