The On-Demand Classroom:

In order to deliver world-class customer experiences, HSS provides all employees with learning and development opportunities through our Institute for Leadership, Education, Advancement, and Development (iLEAD™). With more than 3,300 employees across the country, operating within five time zones, HSS offers training and development activities that extend beyond any single state or region.

Corporate training is evolving at a breakneck pace. Learning will look radically different in the next few years, so HSS is leveraging technology and new learning strategies to best prepare our workforce. HSS employees serve customers and manage operations every hour of every day, so they need access to learning opportunities 24/7. To allow every HSS employee to learn a new concept or skill anytime, anywhere, from any Internet-connected device, iLEAD developed a new enterprise-class Learning Management System (LMS).

The LMS, as a learning tool, helps HSS bring consistency to employee learning and development programs and enables all employees to access a shared set of learning and development opportunities. Employees can self-enroll in some LMS courses or may be assigned courses as part of their learning development plan. There is a library of more than 1,900 customized and commercially produced online courses.

There has been high usage since the LMS was launched, demonstrating HSS employees’ engagement in their professional growth and commitment to enhancing their job skills.