Inovonics, Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital, and HSS Partnership

The Inovonics mobile duress system is deployed in Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital departments where nurses, physicians, security, and support staff are routinely confronted with violent, combative patients. The system, which is a critical addition to the facility’s measures for workplace safety, provides 24-hour departmental coverage with mobile panic buttons that transmit a unique high-priority alert to the hospital’s dispatch station where the event is assessed and the proper response is deployed.

“Hospitals around the globe struggle with the issue of workplace violence,” says Eric Smith, the on-site HSS Security Director for Exempla Healthcare at Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital. “The safety of all hospital personnel and patients is a top priority. Saint Joseph’s partnership with Inovonics and HSS is a tremendous example of how different groups in the industry can work together to create safer workplaces that our hospital associates need and deserve.”

An EMD system is easily integrated into an existing security network and can extend coverage into stairwells, walking paths and tunnels, and even parking lots and parking structures. Unlike a fixed panic-button system, a wireless panic-button offered with enterprise mobile duress brings reliable location capabilities not only within the confines of the hospital walls but also to those extended areas.

“The EMD system installation at Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital is especially beneficial for nurses and staff,” adds Bryan Jones, HSS Director of Systems Integration. “HSS’s and Inovonics’ combined efforts have implemented a cutting-edge technology that will empower hospital staff and authorized security personnel to easily and effectively respond to duress situations. This not only enhances protection, but also creates a safer environment for patients and visitors.”

Mark Jarman, Inovonics President, says, “Selecting the right technology is just one step in combating workplace violence. Our partnership with HSS and Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital, two leading organizations, is an opportunity to work alongside their security and executive team to ensure that best practices are followed. The combination of our technology and a holistic approach to security will ensure that Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital is providing the foremost in people protection.”