James Pooley and the bird

The baby bird sits on top of the wall as James Pooley stands below, holding his makeshift “catching sheet” while considering how to safely reach the injured bird.

Spring brings new life, with the sounds of baby birds eagerly chirping from their cozy nests. When one baby bird outside HonorHealth Deer Valley Medical Center in Phoenix, Ariz., had the misfortune of falling from its nest, it was lucky to have HSS Facility Site Supervisor James Pooley on the scene to demonstrate how HSS’s caring spirit knows no bounds.

Shortly after joining the HSS team, Pooley received a call from perplexed and frightened visitors that a baby raven—a species protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act—had fallen from its nest and appeared to be injured. They also stated that the ferocious parents were on guard and swooping on anyone who dared to approach their offspring.

Pooley responded to the area to protect and reroute hospital visitors while HSS central command called a wildlife conservation specialist. Minutes later, the wildlife specialist arrived and attempted to catch the baby bird, which scrambled over a wall and up a tall tree. The wildlife specialist expressed her fear that the bird was out of reach and beyond rescue.

Pooley volunteered to climb the wall and hoisted his 6-foot frame up the tree. Using a blanket, he was able to capture the baby raven and transfer it safely to wildlife personnel, who treated and rehydrated the bird before reuniting it with its parents three days later.

“The baby raven and its parents stayed onsite until the baby gathered enough strength to escape the heat and fly north with Mum and Dad,” Pooley reports.

“Thank you, James, for showing a generous heart and giving new meaning to ‘going above and beyond the call of duty,’” said HSS Assistant Director of Operations & Business Development Mustapha Rhimi of the high-climbing hero.