Tony York

HSS COO Tony York joins an all-star virtual panel of security experts on April 30 at 2 p.m. ET to present a free webinar, “Understanding the CMS Rule Book for Dealing With Violent Patients.” Guardian 8 COO Paul Hughes will moderate the discussion, which will cover regulatory impacts on hospital policies for handling patient aggression, how a clear understanding of CMS’s “use of weapons” rule can dramatically change the way hospitals evaluate risk mitigation and response strategies, and more. Learn about and register for this not-to-miss webinar here, and check out York’s blog on the topic here.

York will also present a workshop, “Basic Elements of Healthcare Security Management,” at the IAHSS Annual Conference and Exhibition in St. Louis on May 3. The IAHSS conference session, which York has delivered previously, is specifically designed for the relatively new security manager, supervisor, or facilities manager who has responsibility in the security arena. This “nuts  and bolts”  program includes a wide array of sample security policies, procedures, forms, tools, and training materials. York is pleased to share his expertise in the healthcare security arena, gleaned from 20 years of experience at HSS, with newcomers to the industry.

On the next day of the IAHSS conference, HSS Assistant Director, Healthcare Emergency Management, Chris Sonne will present “Hospital Evacuation: Consequences of Not Learning from Lessons Learned.” Reviewing lessons learned from past hospital evacuations nationwide, Sonne will discuss best practices for the coordination and accountability of resources within the Hospital Incident Command Center, as well as identifying important facets of an evacuation plan for healthcare security personnel to address.