HSS In The 1980s and 1990s

1980: HSS revenues total $4.5 million.1986: Sterilizer Maintenance program offered.
1987: HSS selected to provide security for Ramses Exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. HSS selected to protect many more exhibits in subsequent years.
1988: Centralized computerized maintenance system for hospitals introduced.
1989: HSS operating in four states.
1990: HSS revenues total $16.8 million.
1991: Biomedical Engineering begins working on radiology equipment.
1993: Healthcare Security begins educational seminars on infant protection.
1994: HSS awarded first contract to provide security at Denver International Airport. HSS continues to serve DIA.
1997: HSS selected to provide security for meeting of world leaders at the G8 Summit in Denver. 401(k) plan for HSS employees begins.
1998: HSS operating in eight states.
1999: HSS begins Employee Recognition Program.

Key events in our history: