Enhancing the Value of our Customers’ Businesses Since 1967

The HSS story begins in 1967, when we were formed as an association by seven member hospitals in midtown Denver. Their vision of cooperative planning and shared service programs provided by a trusted third party was ahead of its time. It’s called outsourcing today and has become an essential element in the business landscape.

We build strong partnerships with customers; some have lasted as long as we’ve been in business. For example, all of the original founding member hospitals still in operation today remain our customers, as well as our first customers in Hospital Security, Aviation and Government services, Commercial Security, Medical Equipment Management, Staffing, and Courier Services.

Developing Solutions for Customer Needs

HSS has strategically expanded and diversified over the years to meet the growing need for cost-effective, value-added outsourcing services in the healthcare and commercial markets. Working closely with customers, and collaboratively within HSS divisions, we have adapted our services to ensure they keep pace with customer needs and have the flexibility, features, and economies of scale that customers seek.

Since 1967, HSS has expanded its service programs from a single business line to 16 today. We started serving customers in one state – Colorado – and now serve customers in 13 states.

Each one of our programs was developed to give customers a viable solution for a real need. This approach has led us to a position of national leadership and strength as a service provider. We believe it will continue to do so in the future.

Key events in our history: