The newly updated Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospitals and Outpatient Facilities from the Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) incorporates the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety’s (IAHSS) Healthcare Security Design Guidelines. The FGI guidelines are building code in 42 states and are what Joint Commission surveys healthcare facilities on as it relates to their built environments.

HSS COO Tony York chairs the IAHSS Council on Guidelines, which oversees the development and revision of the Healthcare Security Design Guidelines. He is also a contributing author in the development of all IAHSS guidelines. In his role as chair, York appointed the two IAHSS representatives who now sit on the FGI review board representing the healthcare security industry in this important initiative.

A January 2013 article in Health Facilities Management magazine discussed the guidelines changes, as well as the role of the FGI and its significance to the healthcare industry. “FGI supports extensive research in the area of evidence-based guideline changes,” said architect Joseph Sprague, a leading voice in the FGI guidelines revisions. “Many of our proposals and comments for the 2014 edition have been based on this research so that we make better guideline changes that are based on expected outcomes.” Read more about the new guidelines and how they aim to help healthcare organizations improve patient care while minimizing the cost of facility construction and maintenance in a January 2014 article in the same publication.