The Briefings on Hospital Safety article points out that because most hospitals maintain stringent policies against weapons on campus, hospital administrators and staff are searching for a better understanding of the appropriate use-of-force options within hospitals. A former security director for a level-one trauma center in Denver, Colo., who served as a special operations officer in the military and on a police SWAT team, Puttkammer noted that more HSS customers are looking for information and education on equipping security staff with devices such as the Taser.

“We are seeing more hospitals that want Tasers at a minimum,” he told the newsletter. “We are seeing a huge increase in [incidence] in the ERs of combative patients and [hospitals] want to do their due diligence…and they need to understand what it can and can’t do,” he said, noting that the Taser is a deterrent and should be used as a last resort or when a criminal act has occurred. “Just because a patient doesn’t get back in bed doesn’t mean you can pull a Taser out on them.”

As healthcare facilities continue to grapple with these complex questions, HSS will:

  • make sure our security officers have the cutting-edge tools and training they need to maintain a safe environment for themselves, hospital staff, and patients;
  • stay at the forefront of trends and best practices in order to offer customers the best solutions; and
  • continue to provide education and training to our customers on use-of-force options such as the Taser device. We believe that by doing so, we enable our customers to make informed decisions that fit their facility’s needs and culture.